Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 20.00.46 copy

Can you defeat the Big Red Balls, storm the Punch Wall and make it to the end of our inflatable obstacle course? These hilarious games are inspired by legendary TV shows Gladiators, It’s A Knockout and Total Wipeout. Every one mixes team effort and individual performance for a whopping helping of foam and fun!

brief: create text for the totally wiped out site
totally wiped out is aimed at three different types of client
stag and hen, corporate, and big family parties
so we came up with three different copy styles to appeal to each
corporate is all about challenge and results
family parties hype the red letter day angle
and stag and hens – it’s boys vs girls all the way
for the game text, we used a style designed to appeal to all: exciting enough for crazy kids, informative enough for b2b
can you beat the big red balls?
client: off limits

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