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Huge penguin suits. Wacky Waiters costumes. Flappy-footed giants. We’re the only company on earth with the genuine original It’s A Knockout costumes, and we’re bringing them to a fun-filled event near you! From the enormous grannies of Barmy Bingo to the big friendly horses of Jolly Joust, this is a slice of TV history you’re going to love.

brief: provide all content for the itsaknockout.net site, using a tone appropriate to the end user
Off Limits aims their It’s a Knockout and Totally Wiped Out games at corporate clients, stag and hen parties and family fun days – so the tone had to be friendly without being too frivolous, and energetic without being too frantic
We opted for a very enthusiastic voice, peppered with questions and answers to get the target audience in the mood for the challenge
Can you step into the shoes of these retro legends? Of course you can!
Client: Off Limits

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